Product placement on website and all social media accounts are handled through this page. Because of the ever growing reach of The Frugal Ninjas account, we do charge for product placement on the different platforms. Each payment plan is handled through Paypal for security and each package includes the prior packages platforms.

Below you can pick the reach package you want for each item you would like sponsored.

Website and Facebook Package
Product post on website and Facebook page ——$5.00

Website, Facebook, Pinterest and Reddit Package
Above placement plus Pinterest Pin, and Reddit post ——$15.00

Website and all social Media Package
Above placement plus Twitter and Instagram ——$25.00

If for any reason your product is against the social media standards and can not be posted, a partial refund will be given based on where your product is not allowed.
If your product is adult in nature (NSFW) it can still be posted, but may not be able to display its product photo and require a generic “Adult Item” photo in its place.